TrueChecks - Identify Check Risk in Real Time

TrueChecks™ identifies counterfeit, NSF, and closed account issues without compromising the integrity of service at the frontline with financial representatives. TrueChecks™ accomplishes this by analyzing demand drafts for frontline personnel and gives them instant information. Learn more about TrueChecks

TrueChecks Batch - Same Day Batch Notification

By using TrueChecks™ Batch through Advanced Fraud Solutions, you will receive reporting that identifies counterfeit, closed, and NSF information in a same day batch that provides results in just hours with your existing x9.37 files. Review checks from all channels including ATM, Remote Deposit Capture, and Mobile. Learn more about TrueChecks Batch

TrueCards - Locating the Common Point of Compromise

TrueCards™ is the only system that allows institutions to identify skimming and point of compromise fraud and block the cards at risk. TrueCards™ stops the plastic card fraud in your portfolio independent of 3rd party databases or services. Learn more about TrueCards

TrueAccount™ - Identify Online Account Takeover

TrueAccount™ prevents online Account Takeover by monitoring the behavior of the account and the log-in. Irregular activity is automatically scored and provided to the fraud analyst when critical threshold is met. The fraud analyst can decide to call the member or place the account on hold, avoiding fraud loss and protecting the account. Learn more about Batch Services