Same-Day Batch for DEPOSIT CHEK®and TrueChecks®

Accelerating Batch Notification to Same Day Results


FSO's continue to enhance service with availability on funds via remote and mobile capture points and cash back on deposits. This service also causes increases in risk and fraud exposure.

Same day batch notification for DEPOSIT CHEKŪ and TrueChecksŪ service is a proven solution from Advanced Fraud Solutions. This same day batch notification helps prevent fraud from ATM, remote, and branch. Positive and Negative responses for off-us items identify status, NSF, Closed or Counterfeit issues with transaction accounts.

How Will Same-Day Batch Help?

The process begins when check and ACH items are presented for deposit, and the corresponding MICR information is extracted and transmitted to Advanced Fraud Solutions in a batch file. Files can be uploaded several times throughout the day. This information is compared against account and item-level information found in the DEPOSIT CHEKŪ and TrueChecksŪ databases.

The transmitted information is matched to any high-risk accounts or counterfeit transactions in the database and returned all within a same day batch response time.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Batch?

The benefits are two-fold: decreasing high-risk deposit losses and improving customer satisfaction. The same day batch warnings help to identify and prevent return item losses, counterfeiting and other fraud by allowing the FSO to place extended Reg CC holds. The positive data responses improve cash-back and faster fund availability for the customer.

Additionally, Same-Day Batch for DEPOSIT CHEKŪ and TrueChecksŪ offers:

  • Multiple batch review and response opportunities in the same day
  • Images of check during review with warning information
  • Counterfeit and account level status information