An account holder's preferred method of banking is via their online banking account.  While convenient for the consumer, the financial institution is left exposed due to activity that they cannot control.  However, regulators still expect institutions to have controls in place to address these online banking avenues, specifically that institutions must be able to monitor irregular behavior.

Analytical Scoring

TrueAccount uses powerful, threat-level scoring to monitor the behavior on each account and determine which account is at risk. Scores are based on a number of factors including login location, incoming IP address, anonymous proxy, session behavior, and abnormal transfers.

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Proactive Mitigation

When the threat level rises above a pre-determined threshold,  TrueAccount  notifies the financial institution via email of the high-risk activity. This allows the institution to contact the account holder or place the account on hold while investigating.

What our customers are saying about TrueAccount:

TrueAccount has been very informative and helpful in detecting possible fraud ahead of time. We review TrueAccount each morning for any high alert activity. In some situations, we will make a courtesy call to our member to confirm that they did in fact, make this request. Our members appreciate the call and can rest easy in knowing that their accounts are being monitored daily.
— Allegacy Federal Credit Union

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