With the avenues of exposure to financial institutions expanding, it's easy to overlook low-technology forms of fraud, such as check fraud. Industry stats tell a different story. Nearly all institutions reported steady or increased rates of check fraud, despite the falling volume of checks in circulation.


Fraud Data

The TrueChecks™ database is comprised of data from financial institutions, processors, and optional third party sources.


Items Identified

TrueChecks™ delivers real-time responses on counterfeit, NSF, Closed Account, Duplicate, and other fraudulent items.


Modes of Access

TrueChecks™ is available via a web portal or integrated with innovative APIs as part of an existing teller capture system.


Teller Process

Virtually transparent to the account holder, TrueChecks™ displays Reg CC-recommended action and associated risk.


Interested in check loss prevention for your alternate deposit methods? Learn more about TrueChecks™ Batch.

What our customers are saying about TrueChecks™:

We are amazed at the number of items caught at the front line. We have been able to reduce our potential losses significantly over the last three months. Seems like a daily occurrence of catching fraudulent items.

Members that are being scammed are also appreciative that we have taken the steps to protect them as well.
— CoastHills Credit Union
TrueChecks™ has empowered our tellers to efficiently identify counterfeits at the teller workstation.

In the first two quarters of implementation we saved enough to pay for our entire TrueChecks™ system
— Peoples Bank

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