"Preventing Check Loss at the Frontline"

Preventing Check Loss at the Frontline

TrueChecks Shield
TrueChecks™ identifies counterfeit, NSF, and closed accounts at the teller line.

In real time, via the web or as part of an existing teller system, TrueChecks™ provides financial institutions with a cross-institutional, account level view of the transaction.

TrueChecks™ fraud prevention service helps to answer the following types of questions:

  • Is the payee's account open and valid?
  • Is the item counterfeit?
  • Is the account in a closed, NSF, or high-risk status?
  • Has the account recently returned checks?
  • Is there a stop-payment on a deposited consumer check, official check, or money order?

Our service is virtually transparent to the customer and allows tellers to make fully informed decisions regarding check acceptance. TrueChecks™ guides the teller through the transaction by displaying the type of fraud or risk associated with the item, as well as providing recommendations regarding the appropriate Reg CC hold.