Advanced Fraud Solutions has been a trusted leader in providing fraud mitigation tools to the financial institution market for nearly a decade.  In 2007,  group of regional financial institutions in North Carolina, seeking a way to share counterfeit check information between one another, established the premise of Advanced Fraud Solutions

Our products address a wide range of needs that the financial institution has, including check fraud, card fraud, and online banking fraud.  Advanced Fraud Solutions is committed to providing cutting edge technology and unparalleled service, combining customer feedback with our trusted fraud prevention knowledge in order to build innovative products, and improve upon our established market solutions.

In 2010, Advanced Fraud Solutions began establishing partnerships with other industry leaders, allowing the financial institution to leverage their existing infrastructure to deploy our fraud prevention solutions. 

Today, we have over 500 financial institutions nationwide utilizing a wide variety of fraud prevention tools, yet still subscribing to the idea that sharing high-risk information is the best approach to fighting fraud.