Fighting Fraud with Dark Web Intelligence

Advanced Fraud Solutions and Q6 Cyber Reveal Latest Fraud Threats Developing in the Dark Web


Over the course of numerous widespread data breaches, the amount of compromised account information and PII available on the Dark Web has grown exponentially. This alarming trend comes at a risk for financial institutions looking to protect their customers against fraud.

To fight back, Advanced Fraud Solutions Q6 Cyber announced the release of a new white paper that reveals the growth and sophistication of Dark Web-based threats.


  1. Explore the inner workings of the Dark Web, the latest tactics and channels used by fraudsters, as well as best practices on how to monitor and respond to Dark Web-based threats.

  2. Dive into the latest tactics used by Dark Web fraudsters, including account takeovers (ATO), card-based threats, business e-mail compromise (BEC), malware and more.

  3. Best practices on how to monitor and mitigate Dark Web threats from the fraud prevention experts at AFS and Q6.

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