EMV Adoption Causes Check Fraud To Spike - Credit Union Journal

This weekend the Credit Union Journal dug into the root causes of the recent rise in check fraud:

While paper checks use continues to decline due to mobile and online banking, a new report finds that checks are still the payment method most susceptible to fraud, and that check fraud accounts for the largest dollar amount of financial loss annually.
Among reasons for the check fraud uptick is the industry's adoption of EMV security standards, which have increased firewalls on mobile and online transactions, explained Lawrence Reaves CEO for the Kernersville, NC based Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS). As a result, thieves are reverting back to check scams.
"Credit unions should utilize a check-fraud solution that leverages an external database that has industry contributed data concerning fraudulent checks," said Reaves. "Almost without exception, the same bad checks are showing up at the credit union's peers' locations."
The study, "2015 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey," was sponsored by J.P. Morgan in conjunction with Association for Financial Professionals, found that the most targeted methods of fraud were checks (77%), credit/debit cards (34%) and wire transfers (27%).

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