TrueChecks® has been a positive addition to the teller line. It is simple to use and alerts our tellers to possible fraud right at the time of presentment. TrueChecks® is one of our new favorite tools in fighting fraud!
— FORUM Credit Union
Since implementing TrueChecks®, Yakima Federal Savings has all but eliminated losses due to counterfeit checks. TrueChecks® makes it much easier for staff to make the decision about whether or not to accept a check.
— Yakima Federal Savings Bank
We are ecstatic about how TrueChecks® enables our tellers and identifies unusual banking behavior at the point of presentation.
— Mascoma Savings Bank
Greylock has been a satisfied client of Advanced Fraud Solutions for seven years. TrueChecks continues to help us prevent significant losses in check fraud. In 2016, branch staff stopped 121 checks totaling more than $385,000. The new image feature has been extremely useful assisting staff in identifying counterfeit checks, by directing them right to a check image which was often an exact match.
— Terry Ziemba, AVP Branch Administration/Cash Management for Greylock FCU.

TrueCards® allowed us to identify the common point of compromise weeks before we received a list from our processor. In turn, this enabled us to reissue the cards early and prevent a significant amount of fraud loss to the bank.
— Republic Bank
Within hours of a breach announcement, two days before our processor alert, TrueCards® enabled us to pull a comprehensive list of potentially impacted accounts. This allowed us to reissue cards involved in fraudulent activity, minimizing member impact and reducing costs.
— Advantage Federal Credit Union

TrueAccount® has been very informative and helpful in detecting possible fraud ahead of time. We review TrueAccount® each morning for any high alert activity. In some situations, we will make a courtesy call to our member to confirm that they did in fact, make this request. Our members appreciate the call and can rest easy in knowing that their accounts are being monitored daily.
— Allegacy Federal Credit Union