Due to widely-practiced industry standards, most financial institutions currently rely on post-breach alerts to combat fraud in the event of a merchant compromise. Often, these alerts are not delivered for weeks after the breach has taken place, and only contain a limited amount of information. In the event of a card breach, time is crucial.  

The Difference

TrueCards® differs from other reactive approaches in that it allows institutions to determine the true point of compromise and block all cards at risk almost immediately, rather than relying on industry alerts to tell them which cards have already been compromised.


The Advantage

TrueCards® is built custom to each institution and works across processors. This allows the institution not only to have a product specific to their needs, but also work across both their debit and credit card portfolios at one time for a centralized management of at-risk cards.

What our customers are saying about TrueCards®:

We were able to plan and act before the VISA CAMS alert was issued. This solution levels the playing field and allows us to independently manage our credit card portfolio.
— One Nevada Federal Credit Union
TrueCards® allowed us to identify the common point of compromise weeks before we received a list from our processor. In turn, this enabled us to reissue the cards early and prevent a significant amount of fraud loss to the bank.
— Republic Bank

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