Fraud attempts are ever-evolving, which means businesses must continually enhance their ability to protect their bottom line.  By detecting and preventing identity and payments fraud in real-time, companies can avoid unnecessary losses and stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) and GIACT Systems collaborated to enhance AFS’s TrueChecks® solution. This new solution gives merchants and other billers the ability to reduce returned items by verifying account status and investigating any history of account fraud before accepting payment.


Truechecks® iNTEGRATION

TrueChecks® Merchant uses the TrueChecks® database to detect any known issues and deliver real-time responses on counterfeit, NSF, Closed Account, Duplicate, and other fraudulent items.


Collaborative Approach

Financial institutions, processors, and other industry sources contribute their counterfeit, NSF, and Closed Account information to the shared database for ample protection.


Real-Time Alerts

Get daily updates of account status information on draftable accounts, allowing you to decline a payment up front and reduce losses associated with returned payments.


Increased Revenue

Return fees add up! Consider 350 fraudulent items per month at $20 to $30 per item. With our real-time protection, you can prevent losses of up to $126,000 a year!


Ready to stop the fraudsters and protect your bottom line? Consider TrueChecks® Merchant today.

What our customers are saying about TrueChecks® Merchant:

We process a high volume of checks and ACH, but return fees were a serious problem for us cutting into profits. We were very pleased with the number of high-risk items this new, web-based offer was able to identify.

TrueChecks® Merchant significantly reduced return check fees by $7,000 per month.
— Law Firm
TrueChecks® Merchant has given us the ability to identify high-risk items and revolving credit accounts before accepting a check or providing credit towards purchases.

We can validate these items up front in real time and protect ourselves against fraud while improving customer service.
— Travel Center Operator

Don’t let losses mount. Learn how TrueChecks® Merchant can protect your business in the fight against fraud.